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Techcraft’s Solar Energy

The Techcraft’s Solar Energy devices, branded greenergy, are innovative products   introduced into the Nigerian market in response to challenges posed by the epileptic and poor electric power supply and the rising cost of fuel. These innovative solutions are to provide sustainable energy that is eco-friendly and renewable in nature in compliance with the UN  Millennium Development Goals on Clean energy. Techcraft is leveraging on cutting-edge technologies to provide cost-effective, reliable, and durable solar-powered devices under the brand name greenenrgy

Solar Street Light

Benefits of green Energy Solar Street Light

  • It uses lithium Ion batteries instead of traditional gel battery for longer lifespan.
  • It is environment friendly.
  • Long lifespan of the LED bulb.
  • Easy to install.
  • Very low cost of maintenance.
  • Self regulating.
  • 5-6 years battery lifespan, ≥2000 charge u0026amp; discharge cycles
  • 12-14 years LED lifespan
  • 25 years lifespan for the solar panel

Garden & Security Light

  • Light up your garden and walkway without generator or grid power
  • Monitor movements within and around your premises 24/7
  • Showcase the greenery within and around your premises
  • Contribute to the reduction of carbon footprint in the environment

Garden Light in a private residence at Ikoyi, lagos